Best in clase UI library with a maximum of expressiveness while staying the closest possible to web standards.


The future of javascript for tooling and CLIs development. Sandboxed and as close to web standards as possible. Goodbye node.js.


The secret ingredient for databinding from the UI directly to the cloud, without boilerplate. Falcor provides fetching, batching, multilevel caching, delegation and request like routing on virtual objects.

Cloudflare Docs logomark


Designed to run optimized on the orange cloud with support for cloudflare workers, cloudflare access, kv store, durabel objects and more.

Tailwind Classes with WindiCSS

Tailwind utility classes are supported out of the box with windiCSS.


IPFS builds the foundation for serving static assets with content-addressable storage with deduplication and optimized updates withoud cache invalidation headaches. While web3 applications and P2P support is currently not in atreyus focus (and these ipfs features are disabled by default), it is well suited to serve these usecases in the future.